It’s time to make pharmacare a reality

Canada has the distinction of being the only developed country with a universal health care system that does not include prescription drug benefits for everyone. Our current fragmented system means higher drug costs for you and huge profits for Big Pharma. Vested interests will try to tell you that pharmacare is too expensive, but the evidence shows it is actually the key to affordability and accessibility.

For far too long, Big Pharma has put profits before patients while our government has sat on the sidelines. From the current opioid crisis to the skyrocketing price of drugs, Canada’s pharmaceutical policies don’t serve the best interests of people.

A recent poll shows that 90% of people support universal pharmacare – it’s time for the federal government to support it too!

Take action!

Send your letter and call on the federal government to make pharmacare a reality now.



One Reply to “It’s time to make pharmacare a reality”

  1. Can you point your finger at anyone you see today, and say, “You don’t deserve to have your medication when you are ill!” ?
    Pharmacare is for everyone!


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